15th Annual

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is putting this on? Friends of the Locust Fork River (FLFR) orchestrates this event with the vital help of partners such as Alabama Rivers Alliance, Birmingham Canoe Club, McDowell Environmental Center, Blount Co. Extension Service local environmental educators & others.  Several environmental educators have also developed activity stations.

How will this be organized?  Upon arrival and after checking in at Registration, children in the 3rd through 6th grade will be collected into groups of 10-12.  They will stay with that group all day.  Each group will have a shepherd (adult volunteer and guide) and each group will have a unique name such as the herons and the dragonflies.  The children will be taken to each of the 7 stations according to the shepherd’s schedule.

What will my kids do? At the activity stations the children will learn by doing something or experiencing nature in an active way such as building a watershed, finding tiny life forms in the river, touching a skink or an owl, digging for fossils at our Locust Fork Beach, learning which snakes are and are not poisonous, going on a scavenger hunt & learning basic canoe safety and having an opportunity to guide a canoe on their own (always a favorite).  Much, much more!

What age children should participate Activities are designed with consideration of the Alabama school science curriculum and aimed at children in grades 3 through 6.  Younger children are welcome if accompanied by parents.

I have a child with ‘special needs’ Please let us know if you have a child with special needs so we can plan for your child to have a great experience at Day on the River.  Contact Maricarmen

We want to come as a family-What about our younger children?  This is a family event.  Although the activities are geared toward children in the 3rd to 6th grade, younger and older children may still enjoy the activities.  And, the accompanying adults seem to have a pretty good time also.

What about our teens?  Can they participateTeens though age 14 may participate in our activities.  As to age 15, there is some flexibility here depending on the youngster.  They may either participate as the other children or be a volunteer.  Teens 16 and older may prefer to be helpers in one of the stations.  If you let me know, I’ll try and find a fun job that your teen would enjoy.

What’s the parents’ role in this ?  Can we drop off our kids and leave ? No!  Parents or scout leaders must stay.  Parents can follow along behind the group and learn along with the children.  Parents must keep any children below age 4 with them as there will not be activities for this age group.  Although we make provisions to monitor the water and rocks for safety, parents or scout leaders are ultimately responsible for keeping up with all the children they bring and for maintaining discipline.

Can we just drop-in at any time during the day?    No. This is an all-day event and families who arrive after 10am will not be able to participate.

How do we get to King’s Bend?  King’s Bend is on the banks of the Locust Fork River and reached off of highway 79.

Driving north from Cleveland on Hwy 79/231, King’s Bend is 3 miles north of the only traffic light in Cleveland.  Go over the new bridge on the Locust Fork River and immediately look for the signs (King’s /Steven's Bend and Day on the River) and a yellow canoe will be on the right side.  The road may look closed but you double back a short way to get into the King’s Bend grounds.  If you drive as far as the fork where Hwy 79 splits from Hwy 231 you went 1/8th mile too far.

Driving south from Blountsville, King’s Bend will be on your left 1/8th mile south of where Hwy 231 and 79 join; and, immediately before the new bridge.  If you cross the bridge you’ve gone too far.  Look for the signs (King’s Bend and Day on the River) and a yellow canoe will be on the left side.  The road may look closed but you double back a short way to get into the King’s Bend grounds.

View Kings / Stevens Bend in a larger map

How do I register? There are three ways to register:  

When should we arrive and when will it be over? Plan to arrive by 8:15.  The program will start promptly at 8:45.  Day on the River ends at 3:30.

Why can’t we just register at the event? In order to have enough food and volunteers, we need to know the numbers of who is coming -- how many children and how many adults.

Is there a cost?  No, ‘Day on the River’ is a gift to the children of Blount County by the Friends of the Locust Fork River and all its partners.  There is no cost.

What should my children wear? OLD clothes, or a bathing-suit under their shorts, hats and shoes that can get wet and very dirty.  Shoes that protect feet while being in the water and on rocks are important. Feel free to bring a set of dry clothes to change into at the end of the day.

What about lunch and water?  A simple lunch of hot dogs, slaw, drinks, water and dessert will be available for all - including parents and volunteers. A vegetarian option is offered too.  The children and parents will be encouraged to stay with their groups during lunch. Drinking water is available all day.

What about safety and first aid?  We do everything possible to keep the children safe.  Should there be a scratch or bump, see our nurse, at Central Station as she is in charge of first Aid.  For more serious problems, a Blount County Rescue team, plans to be on site during the whole day.  However, there is always the possibility that they could be called off to another emergency.  Parents or scout leaders are ultimately responsible for keeping up with the children they bring & not allowing them to run around on the rocks in a risky manner.

Can we bring our dog and hand-held electronic games No dogs or pets!  Absolutely no cell phones or electronics with the children.

What else should we bring?  Bug repellant and sunscreen.

Do I need to bring any moneyNo money is necessary.  However, you may want to bring cash or a check to purchase t-shirts, hats or cup holders and even make a contribution to ‘Friends of the Locust Fork River’.

Can parents or scout leaders also volunteer?   YES YES YES.  We  always need more volunteers.

Email Pat Lyles at
or call at (205) 466-3183
 for volunteer opportunities. Or, let us know at registration that you will be available during some part of the day to volunteer. Any ‘loose adult’ is at risk to be conscripted into a volunteer job if needed.

What if the weather is bad or just ‘iffy’?  Should the event need to be cancelled due to bad weather, this will be posted on our website as soon as the decision is made.  So, check online if you are unsure.