Debra Gordon-Helman played in a backyard creek, taught school children for years, and now helps us all play and learn in our Locust Fork River.

Debra’s  love for wildness began as a young child in her backyard, and run-off creek and vacant lot in the suburbs of Birmingham.  Now, for 30 years she’s been blessed to call beautiful Blount County her home just a 1/2 mile from the Locust Fork River. “My life has been enriched watching the seasons flow by and learning about the critters who call this exceptional river home.”

Her life has also been enriched being a part of Friends of the Locust Fork River. She has served on its board, and chaired the Education Committee, putting many years as an elementary and middle school teacher to good use.

Most important to her are:  protecting the integrity and health of the Locust Fork from threats, educating children and adults about why the river needs our protection, and helping them have fun experiencing and discovering all that it offers. It’s those Aha! educational moments that mean so much:  seeing the awe in a child’s eyes when discovering something new in the river.